Stables to Bar - Lounge







                                                                                                         Old Stables looking through to what will become the Bar - Lounge


                                                      Corner Hay Rack                                                                                      Old Stables


                    Gwyn Woods, Olli Burton, Robert Walden and John Burton?                               Scrap metal found in sheds and stables


                      Olli Burton, Robert Walden and John Burton?                     Gwyn Woods, Vernon Tait, John Burton?, Olli Burton and Brian Woods


                            Vernon Tait, Gwyn Woods and Olli Burton                              Vernon Tait, Margaret Yarham?, Gwyn Woods, Olli Burton,

                                                                                                                                                     Robert Walden and John Burton?


                                                         Brian Woods, stacking bricks                                            Cobbled stableyard


                                           Vernon Tait lifting stable bricks                                                            Olli Burton stacking bricks


                                      Alf and Olli Burton, with Brian Woods                                      Vernon Tait , Robert Walden, Alf and Olli Burton


                                                                                                             Pipes lagged


                                                                   Kitchen repainted                             Work started on new doors and windows


                                                                                                               "Stable floor" now resurfaced


                                                                                                     Doors and windows nearly finished


                                        New doors and windows installed



First stage of work complete


                                           Hallway and exterior painted



Main Hall redecorated 1987 and new curtains installed

Doorway to Lounge/Bar not created yet