A Colkirk Rector's wife and her paintings

Emily Jane Sweet (nee Hallward) was the wife of James Bradby Sweet, the Rector of Colkirk from 1857–1868.  

Emily had married James in 1853 when he was the Perpetual Curate of Woodville in Leicestershire. At the time of James’ marriage to Emily, he lived in Parsonage House with his sister, Eliza Ann, and could afford a cook, a housemaid and a male servant.

Before moving to Colkirk in late 1857, Emily and James had two children - a daughter, Florence Emily, born in 1856, and a son, J. Leslie, born in early 1857.  

Whilst living in Colkirk, Emily and James had three more children – Mary, born in 1859; William born in 1860, and finally Edward, born in 1861. James’ mother, Caroline, also lived with them along with a cook, a housemaid and a teenage underservant.  

In 1868, the family moved to Yorkshire when James became Vicar of Scalby near Scarborough.  By 1871, they had moved again, this time to Barton in Fabis near Nottingham.  Ten years later, James became Vicar of Otterton in Devon where he lived with Emily and their children Florence, Mary and also Edward who was now an undergraduate at Oxford.   

James died in 1897. By 1901, Emily had moved to Fleet in Hampshire with her adult Florence and Mary, both now in their 40s and still unmarried. 

Emily died in 1906. She had always been an enthusiastic watercolour artist and copies of 15 of her paintings of views around Colkirk and the surrounding area, and other works painted as far afield as Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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