Parish Council



Charles Brindley          Springfield, Fransham Road, Beeston, PE32 2LZ             01328 701425




Charles Joice          Colkirk Hall Farm, Hall Lane, Colkirk,  NR21 7ND                  01328 851851                                   

Vice Chairman 

Steve Mulford         17 Conference Way, Colkirk,   NR21 7JJ                                   01328 851791


Colin Barron           The Corner Cottage, Church Road, Colkirk,   NR21 7NS      01328 862876 


Nick Loades            Kilarney House, School Road, Colkirk,   NR21 7NW              01328 851803                                                                          


Jeanette Paul         14 Conference Way, Colkirk  NR21 7JJ                                     01328 863754


Bernard Smith         1 Jarvis Drive, Colkirk,   NR21 7NG                                          01328 863012                             


Michael Stamford    Calma, Whissonsett Road, Colkirk,      NR21 7NL                 01328 851577                            



Assets owned by the Parish Council


Village Hall, Church Lane, Colkirk

Campyngland, Church Road, Colkirk 

Playing Field, Whissonsett Road, Colkirk

Allotments, Whissonsett Road, Colkirk

War Memorial, Church Road, Colkirk

Play Equipment, Campyngland, Church Road, Colkirk

Defibrillator, Crown Public House, Crown Rd, Colkirk

Outdoor Gym Equipment, Campyngland, Church Rd, Colkirk



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