Parish Council


Parish Clerk 

 Maxine Hayes      07456 460580                    


 Charles Joice                                            

Vice Chairman

 Nick Ezra           


 Nick Loades                                                                                  

 Jeanette Paul                                

 Michael Stamford 

 Jocelyn Humfrey

 Peter Dyble


All Councillors can be contacted through the Clerk Tel: 07456 460580 or email






Assets owned by the Parish Council


Village Hall, Church Road, Colkirk

Campyngland, Church Road, Colkirk 

Playing Field, Whissonsett Road, Colkirk

Allotments, Whissonsett Road, Colkirk

War Memorial, Church Road, Colkirk

Play Equipment, Campyngland, Church Road, Colkirk

Defibrillator, Crown Public House, Crown Rd, Colkirk

Outdoor Gym Equipment, Campyngland, Church Rd, Colkirk



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