Crown Menu

From 20th February 2019

Served Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm to 9pm

Sunday Roast from 12pm to 4pm


 Tel: 01328 864801 to book a table


Sandwiches and Baguettes

Brown or white sandwiches or a baguette served with salad garnish and crirps.


Egg mayonnaise and cress

Tuna mayonnaise and red onion

Chicken and bacon mayonnaise

Chicken and sweet corn mayonnaise

All above are 5


Served with salad garnish

Ham and cheese

Cheese and tomato

Tuna mayonnaise, cheese and red onion

Cheese, onion and tomato

BLT and mayonnaise

All above are 5.50



Homemade soup with a warm crusty roll and butter 4

Prawn cocktail with a choice of small side salad or bread and butter 4.50

Pate with side salad and bread 3.50

Mushrooms in blue cheese and cream sauce served on toast with a side salad 4



All mains served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes or chips and peas

Steak and kidney suet pudding 9.50

Chicken and mushroom pie 9.50

Chicken and garlic kievs 9.50

Fish pie 9.50

Chilli con carne and rice ( vegetable option available ) 9.50

Scampi and chips with peas and/or coleslaw 8.50

Curry with rice or chips and naan bread ( vegetarian option available ) 8.50

Burgers plain or cheese with salad, chips and onion rings 8.50



Chips 1.50

Cheesy chips 2

Onion rings 2

Coleslaw 1.50



Served with bread and butter

Fish finger, chips and beans

Burger, chips and beans

Nuggets, chips and beans

Sausage, chips and beans

All above are 4.50



All served with a choice of cream, custard or ice cream

Bread and butter pudding

Apple and cinnamon pie

Jam suet roly poly

Mixed berry crumble

Chocolate and raspberry sundae

All above are 4.50