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Family Photos

The following 9 photos were provided by Ann Dyer ( nee Stocks )

Renie Stocks ( nee Drew ) at her wedding to George Gempton in Colkirk Church 1946

The Drew Family - about 1931

Back Row L-R: Sydney, Bertram ( Totty ), Reggie, Bertha ( Mother ), Henry ( Father ),

Minnie, Bessie, Arthur, Jack

Front Row L-R: Cecil with dog Nibs, Renie ( holding Bessie's son, Jack Bonney ), Ted.


   Ann Stocks ( now Dyer ), Mary Nelson ( now Pipes ), Wendy Fisher, Beryl Fisher                The Goff sisters, Mary Nelson and Ann Stocks


John Drew at Nethergate Cottage                            Henry ( Harry ) Drew and Ann Stocks

                                                                              at Nethergate Cottage 1947

Renie Stocks ( nee Drew ) - August 1942 -

This photo was taken especially to send to Frank Stocks who was with the 9th Royal Lancers at El Alamein.

It reached it's destination the day after he was killed in action and was returned to her with his personal effects.

Renie was 21 and daughter Ann was just 4 months old.

Renie later married George Gempton.



                                       Renie Drew and Ray Nelson about 1934                            Back: Margaret Bailey and Pauline Hannant

                                           Centre: Ann Stocks

                                                                                                      Front: Maureen Sillis, Mary Nelson and Nancy Brummel


The following 39 photos were  provided by Gordon Gale



                                                                                      Market Hill by Campyngland 1958 ( Josie Gale )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


                                                                                   The wedding of Alf Burton and Ollie Keeley, 1956             



              Gordon Gale, Graham Keeley, Reg Castle,  School Rd, 1953                        David Hayward at the well (  Melton Cottage ) 1956



                           Dougie Parker and Graham Keeley, Colkirk Hill, 1945                            Ollie, Alan and Alf Burton 1956



                                         Graham Keeley and Dougie Parker                                   Graham ( Bruno ) Keeley, Colkirk Hill 1949



                                                                              Gordon Gale, Josie Keeley and Dougie Parker



                              Gordon Gale and Josie Keeley,                                               Marie Gale, Gormans Lane, view towards church 1963




                  Reg High, Mr and Mrs Lake, Ted Gale,                                            Dougie Parker, Josie Keeley, Graham Keeley 1948

                       John High, Alice High 1935-6



                          Botton to top: Rita, Josephine,  Allwyn and Margaret Keeley      Eric Wright, Gordon Gale, Bill Falconbridge, Sam Catton


                    Became: Rita Wallace, Josie Gale, Olly Burton, Margaret Topping




                        Margaret, Olly, Eve, Josie and Rita Keeley                                                            Norman Wix, Denny Crane,

                               with Maureen sitting 1957                                                                          Peter Crane and Josie Keeley



                 Olly Burton, Douggie Parker, Rita Keeley, Gordon Gale,                          Joan Williams, Rita Keeley, Josie Gale - Holme 1957

             Josie Gale, Eve Keeley, Margaret Keeley, Doreen Bright 1951



                            Gordon Dawson, Gordon Gale, James Gale                                       Ted and Lydia Gale, Gordon and Josie Gale,

                                                                                                                                                Fred and Eve Keeley, Colkirk 1951    



                  Billy Reynolds, Billy High, Reg High, Gordon Gale, 1937                                  James Gale, Ted Gale, Arthur Dawson,

                                                                                                                           Gordon Gale ( with rabbits ), Gordon Dawson ( in trilby ) 1934-5 




                       Gordon and Josie Gale off on honeymoon,                                                                    Cottage in Hall Lane

                                  outside Melton Cottage 1951,                                                          Home of Henry High with wife and 5 children



                                                Mr and Mrs Gale with Ted and Edith                              John High and Ted Gale in School Rd



                                                          Ted Gale 1906                                                                Ted and Lydia Gale 1921



                                  James Gale and Alice High, Whissonsett Rd 1935-6                                Jack, May and Lydia High



                            John and Alice High ( nee Davis )                                                             John High, Lydia Gale and Alice High 1934



                                  Ted Gale, John High, Lydia Gale, Alice High                                       Gordon Gale with Mark Makins                                                                                                                                                  outside cottage in Hall Lane



                                                           Lydia High                                                                 Reginald Jack High, killed in WW1




                                                    David Whiteside 1959                                                                               May High




                Photo, taken in 1910 from David Adhimar, grandson of Arthur                                            School House in 2009

The 1910 photo,  taken outside School House, shows the family of Arthur Bourne Adhimar and Emma Adhimar ( nee Starr ), gathered together for the christening of their grandson, Eric,

Standing L-R: Arthur, Plessy ( wife of Herbert ) Herbert ( 2nd son ), Harold ( youngest son ),

Frank Charles Douglas ( eldest son ), Elizabeth Ward ( distant cousin )

Seated L-R: Emma, Ann Elizabeth ( Frank's wife ) with baby Eric Arthur.

Arthur was the village schoolmaster and was a Parish Councillor from 1898 to 1918

Arthur's parents ( Richard, died 1908, and Alice, died 1898 ) are buried in the village churchyard.

Herbert Frederick Adhimar (brother of Davidís Grandfather Frank) married Pleasance Gant ( known as Plessey ) from the Fakenham area.  Her father was a Bricklayer by profession and the family would no doubt have been known well.  She had one brother Richard and sisters.  She sadly passed on in the 1930ís.  Her parents would appear to be William Gant a Bricklayer born Fakenham and age 26 in 1881 who married Rose (possibly Rose Anne, nee Nicholls) (sometimes called Rose Anna).  William Gant and Rose married in the June Quarter of 1879 in the Walsingham Reg. Dist.

Could anyone who has further information or connections to these families please contact and/or

The Lake Family, about 1915-1920 outside a cottage on the Fakenham Road.

Back Row L-R:  Urban Ernest, Ethel Maud, George

Front Row L-R: Mabel Elizabeth, William, Sarah Anne, Audrey Delina

Photo from Kenneth Urban Lake ( grandson of Mabel, great grandson of William and Sarah )             



Ebberlener Parker ( nee Catton ) in her temporary caravan, while her house in Dereham Road was renovated.



                     Ebberlener Catton )                                 Herbert and Ebberlener Catton


                                     The Break Hill Farmhouse ( Catton Family home )               Herbert Catton and his dog



         Mary and Alfred Greef ( born 1885 )           Mary Greef's mother, Frances Cooke, nee Madder

Photos from Steve Greef, (Alfred's grandson, Mary's gt. grandson and Frances's gt. gt. grandson )




The Star Public House in the 1920's with Matthew Wright , ( Blacksmith and Landlord of the Star  from 1881 to 1927 )

Leonard Wright and his wife Bessie ( Youngman ) with daughter Elsie and one of their two sons, ( Eric or Stanley ?)

outside their home in Dereham Road ( opposite the Methodist Chapel )

Leonard Wright, Carpenter and Wheelwright

Above 4 photos and details from Keith Wright and Cheryl Green


Jack Hall, Colkirk`s rat catcher

 pictured in the early 1940`s on a visit to his brother in law Alfred Wright in Suffolk.

Photo and details from Keith Wright

Oscar and Sarah Ann Dunn

Oscar Dunn was baptised at St. Mary's Colkirk on 14th December 1856

He married Sarah Ann Green there on 25th October 1892.  

  In 1910 Oscar was landlord of the Fox and Hounds at Weasenham St. Peter.

Oscar and Sarah also lived in Oxwick and in the now derelict bungalow next to the Crown.

Photo and details from Heather Gooch

Photo taken in 1940,s outside Primrose Cottage

Right to left:  Diana Hall,  May ( Wright ) Hall, Jack Hall ( Village Rat Catcher ), Alfred Wright and 3 friends.

 Photo and details from Keith Wright 


Diana (Harper) Wright in 1937 aged 83.

My gt. grandmother was born in Colkirk in 1854 to Henry and Margaret Harper.
Her father and later her widowed mother ran The Star public house from 1854 until 1881.
Diana married my gt. grandfather Matthew Wright in Colkirk in 1876 and in 1881 they took over The Star until its closure in 1927.

Matthew died in 1928 and Diana went to live with her daughter May ( Wright ) Hall in Primrose Cottage

Diana died in 1939 having spent 73 years of her life in The Star.

Both are buried in St. Mary's Churchyard

 Photo and memories from Keith Wright


April 4th 1914: Wedding of Olive Britton and Alfred Wright

Photo from cousins Keith Wright and Maureen Doyle


April 4th 1914:  Wedding of Olive Britton and Alfred Wright

Back Row ( excluding Bride and Groom ) Laura Green, Mabel Green, Frank Wright, Charlie Green, George Nobes,

Sidney Green,  Mr.Howard, Ted Goodman, James Green, John Green

Women Seated:    May Wright, Edith Green, Rose Bailey, Elsie Wright, Aggie Leeden,  Mrs.Howard

Seated on ground: Maggie Dunn, Marjorie Leeden, Cissie Leeden, Charlie Chaffey, Maggie Chaffey

Photo and details from Heather Gooch and Keith Wright

1920 - Four generations of the Green family

Our gt gt grandfather, James Green, his son Charles Henry, his grandson Percy and his great grandson George.
Percy was a corporal in the Royal Lancashire Fusiliers.
It turns out that I am related to the Harpers, Sumpters and Baileys of Colkirk

 John Sumpter b.1854 who features on the website is my gt gt grandmother, Maria (Sumpter - Phillippo), Britton`s younger brother.                                                                                                                           

Photo from Keith Wright and Mark Goodbody


James Green ( previously of Heath Farm ) in the early 1920's outside his home with daughters

Sarah Ann and Agnes. James died in 1925 aged 90

Agnes Leeden ( Green ), midwife, 1930's


The above two photos are of Agnes Leeden ( Green ) were taken in 1910 and the late 1930's.

Agnes was the village midwife and lived next to Frank Wright's smithy in Dereham Road

The above 4 photos came from Agnes's great grandsons, Keith Wright and Mark Goodbody.



David Whiteside outside the bungalow where he was born

( the derelict one next to The Crown ) - 1930's


John Sumpter and David Whiteside - 1930's

John Sumpter died in 1940, aged 87

Above two photos from David Whiteside


                                                                  Birds of a Feather

The Cranes and The Sparrows

Many of the residents of Colkirk will know Eileen Bailey of Starre Corner but few will know that she is the fourth generation of her family to live  in the village.

Born Eileen Crane at White Cottage, Dereham Road in the early part of the 20th Century, Eileen was the youngest daughter of John Crane and Alice Sparrow.

 Eileen and her family moved to  Hazelwood Farm, Common End where she married Stanley Bailey in 1940 at St Mary's, Colkirk . Stanley Bailey was born at Common End, Colkirk in 1910 and spent all his working life as a mole catcher, firstly for his father, then in partnership with his brother Percy.



            John Crane                                Wedding of John Crane and Alice Sparrow

 Eileen's father, John Crane, was born at Ashwicken, nr Kings Lynn, in 1871. He moved to Colkirk  when his father James took over the stewardship of Manor Farm at Common End. John married Alice Sparrow, born 1875 in Colkirk, at St Mary's, Colkirk in 1912. They lived for a spell in Dereham Road, Colkirk before moving to the cottages adjoining Manor Farm. John worked as a team-man and gamekeeper at Manor Farm before it merged with Hazelwood Farm and he became Farm Steward in 1919 living in the farmhouse. John died in 1951 at Colkirk, a retired Farm Bailiff. 

 Eileen's mother, Alice, was the daughter of Henry Sparrow and Ann Bartaby. She died in 1954 at Colkirk. Henry was a wheelwright in Colkirk and Ann was the Housekeeper to the Curate of Colkirk. She later ran the village Post Office in School Road.


Manor Farm

John's parents (Eileen's paternal grandparents), James Crane and Mary Crane( nee Pettit ) died in 1938 and 1932 respectively.

Both are buried in Colkirk.


            James Crane                             Mary Crane nee Pettit

Alice's parents (Eileen's maternal grandparents), Henry Sparrow and Ann Sparrow ( nee Bartaby ) died in 1915 and 1920 respectively.

They are also  buried  in Colkirk.

Henry and Ann's parents (Eileen's maternal great grandparents), William Sparrow & Ann Sparrow (nee Emms), and George Bartaby & Mary Bartaby (nee Russell ) are also buried in the village churchyard.


The Greefs of Oxwick

Mary Ann Greef outside Oxwick church

Mary Ann Greef ( formerly Cooke ) was born about 1844 in Castle Acre.

She married John Greef from Gooderstone and they had about 11 children whilst living in Caldecote, Swaffham.

They moved to The Green, Oxwick and were living there in the 1891 and 1901 Censuses.

Their son Reginald is mentioned on the Colkirk War Memorial.


                                                Reginald and Eliza Greef                                John and Mary Greef with their family                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              




                                                                        L to R: Queenie Green, Vera Nelson, Peggy Isbell,

                                                            Eileen Crane ( Bailey ), Patricia Crane,Violet Aldous ( Harrison )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



                                                                                  Wedding of John Crane and Alice Sparrow

                                                                             ( Eileen Bailey's parents )


                                           John Crane                              James Crane and Mary Pettit ( Eileen Bailey's grandparents )


                                                                                           James Bailey and Ann Middleton                                                

                                                                                              ( Stan Bailey's grandparents )                                                                                                                                                                                 


                                                                                    L to R: John Bailey, Owen Reynolds,  Derek Johnson,

                                                                                                 Michael Robinson, Brian Robinson


                                                                                                                   Evelyn Johnson, Sheila Wix




Click on photo to enlarge 

John Sumpter, a carpenter, was born in Ringland, Norfolk in 1812.

In 1838 he married Diana Harper, a Colkirk girl, born in 1815.

By 1851 they were living in Colkirk with their four children, Maria (12), Dinah (8), Elizabeth (5) and Martha (3), who were all born in Colkirk. 

By the time of the 1861 Census they were living in the pictured cottage in Fakenham Road (now Crown Road) which was converted from a barn or stables about 1854. They now had an additional son, John (7). 

John (senior) died at the age of 57 in 1870 and was buried on 5th September in Colkirk.  

In the 1871 census Diana was still living in the same cottage with her son John, now working in the building trade like his father, but as a bricklayer. 

Diana died in 1912 aged 101 and was buried on 28th February in Colkirk. 

John, her son, lived in the cottage until he died at the age of 87 in 1940.

He was buried in Colkirk on the 18th September. 

The cottage, having changed very little from the photo, still exists in Crown Road.  

(The present owner has asked that her address is not published on the website).           


We really need photos and your own memories of these and any other things that make Colkirk special.

If you can help, or you know someone that can, 

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