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Birds of a Feather

The Cranes and The Sparrows

Many of the residents of Colkirk knew Eileen Bailey of Starre Corner but few will know that she was the fourth generation of her family to live in the village.

Born Eileen Crane at White Cottage, Dereham Road in the early part of the 20th Century, Eileen was the youngest daughter of John Crane and Alice Sparrow.

Eileen and her family moved to  Hazelwood Farm, Common End where she married Stanley Bailey in 1940 at St Mary's, Colkirk .

Stanley Bailey was born at Common End, Colkirk in 1910 and spent all his working life as a mole catcher, firstly for his father, then in partnership with his brother Percy.



These photos show John Crane and his wedding to Alice Sparrow

(Eileen Bailey's parents )


 Eileen's father, John Crane, was born at Ashwicken, nr Kings Lynn, in 1871.

 He moved to Colkirk  when his father James took over the stewardship of Manor Farm at Common End.

John married Alice Sparrow, born 1875 in Colkirk, at St Mary's, Colkirk in 1912.

They lived for a spell in Dereham Road, Colkirk before moving to the cottages adjoining Manor Farm.

 John worked as a team-man and gamekeeper at Manor Farm before it merged with Hazelwood Farm and he became Farm Steward in 1919 living in the farmhouse.

John died in 1951 at Colkirk, a retired Farm Bailiff. 

 Eileen's mother, Alice, was the daughter of Henry Sparrow and Ann Bartaby.

She died in 1954 at Colkirk.

Henry was a wheelwright in Colkirk and Ann was the Housekeeper to the Curate of Colkirk.

 She later ran the village Post Office in School Road.



Photos of Manor Farm


John's parents (Eileen's paternal grandparents), James Crane and Mary Crane( nee Pettit ) died in 1938 and 1932 respectively.

Both are buried in Colkirk.


Photos of James Crane and Mary Crane, nee Pettit


Alice's parents (Eileen's maternal grandparents), Henry Sparrow and Ann Sparrow ( nee Bartaby ) died in 1915 and 1920 respectively.

They are also  buried  in Colkirk.

Henry and Ann's parents (Eileen's maternal great grandparents), William Sparrow & Ann Sparrow (nee Emms), and George Bartaby & Mary Bartaby (nee Russell ) are also buried in the village churchyard.



The Greefs of Oxwick


Mary Ann Greef outside Oxwick Church


Mary Ann Greef ( formerly Cooke ) was born about 1844 in Castle Acre.

She married John Greef from Gooderstone and they had about 11 children whilst living in Caldecote, Swaffham.

They moved to The Green, Oxwick and were living there in the 1891 and 1901 Censuses.

Their son Reginald is mentioned on the Colkirk War Memorial.



Reginald and Eliza Greef


John and Mary Greef with their family


John Sumpter A 19th Century Colkirk Resident



John Sumpter, a carpenter, was born in Ringland, Norfolk in 1812.

In 1838 he married Diana Harper, a Colkirk girl, born in 1815.

By 1851 they were living in Colkirk with their four children, Maria (12), Dinah (8), Elizabeth (5) and Martha (3), who were all born in Colkirk. 

By the time of the 1861 Census they were living in the pictured cottage in Fakenham Road (now Crown Road) which was converted from a barn or stables about 1854.

They now had an additional son, John (7). 

John (senior) died at the age of 57 in 1870 and was buried on 5th September in Colkirk.  

In the 1871 census Diana was still living in the same cottage with her son John, now working in the building trade like his father, but as a bricklayer. 

Diana died in 1912 aged 101 and was buried on 28th February in Colkirk. 

John, her son, lived in the cottage until he died at the age of 87 in 1940.

He was buried in Colkirk on the 18th September. 

The cottage, having changed very little from the photo, still exists in Crown Road.  


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