1948 Carnival




                                               Frank Wix, Billy Falconbridge and others


                                                                                                                                 Pam Colman, Urban Lake, Donald Jarvis





                                                                                Percy and Elsie Cunningham

                                                                              Sylvia Thetford and Leonard Charter-Starte


Molly Brummel, Pam Colman and Diana Hall


                                                   Leonard and Gwen Charter-Starte                          Leonard Charter-Starte, Eric Wright

                                                           Harry and Amy Smith                                                          Harry Smith


Jack Larwood, George Pearson, Billy High            Albert ( Bumper ) Catton, Dougie Wright

Leonard Charter-Starte                                       Alec Robinson, Derek Johnson 


                                              Leonard Charter Starte and Jack Joice                                            Jack Joice


Revd. and Mrs Caulfield Browne


                                                      Dennis Crane                                Dennis Crane


                                                Leonard Charter-Starte                       Jack Joice                             Leonard Charter-Starte 


                                                       Harry Smith                                   Jack Joice


Josie Gale, nee Keeley




Jack Joice